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SmCo Block Magnet

Samarium cobalt(SmCo) is a permanent magnet composed of metal samarium, cobalt and some other rare earth elements. According to the different components, SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 have high magnetic energy product (14-32mGOe) and reliable coercive, and show good temperature characteristics in rare earth permanent magnet series. Samarium cobalt works better at high temperatures than NdFeB.  


① Has a high magnetic energy product  

② Extremely low temperature coefficient and high temperature resistance, its use temperature can be as high as 350 ℃  

③ Strong corrosion resistance and resistance oxidation, usually not required electroplating.  


① Aerospace, national defense and military  

② Microwave devices, sensors  

③ Auto parts, high temperature electromechanical, magnetic transmission device  

④ Detectors, electronic instruments  

⑤ Medical devices, machinery, etc.  


Magnet Producing Process and Magnetic property: